Mission & Vision


Collaborating for better health by improving successful outcomes, ensuring quality and increasing access to care.

Omnes IPA’s vision is to support its network and affiliate partners by making the full spectrum of integrated health services available in our region. We assist the process of entering into contracts with Managed Care Organizations, providing ongoing education on contract performance expectations, fostering population health management around societal determinants of health, and organizing a network around collective goals to set and meet shared health outcomes.


At Omnes IPA we believe in:

  1. Collaborating across systems of care
  2. Fostering a shared vision
  3. Coordinating to ensure the right services at the right time
  4. Promoting innovation
  5. Providing evidence-based care
  6. Engaging those we serve

Our History

In January 2018, New York State launched the New York Behavioral Health Value Based Payment Readiness Program (BH VBP) in an effort to improve health care quality and outcomes for low-income New Yorkers. The state envisioned regional networks of behavioral health organizations working together to share best practices, recognize efficiencies, and coordinate care. A primary goal was for collaboratives to form legal entities that would allow them to enter into value-based contracts.

In response to this challenge, Helio Health, Inclusive Alliance IPA, Liberty Resources, and Upstate Cerebral Palsy came together to serve the Central New York Region. Using funding from the Office of Mental Health and Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, they formed CNY BHCC. With over 35 providers representing mental health, substance use, developmental disability, primary care, and social determinant of health organizations, the network started the process of clinical, data, and quality integration.

In February 2021, CNY BHCC received state approval to form Omnes IPA (Independent Practice Association). Omnes IPA, as a legal entity, allows us to take the goals and values of CNY BHCC to the next level. The goals of the new entity include identifying key partners in health care, continuing clinical integration efforts, addressing gaps in care across systems and entering into value-based contracts.