2021 Omnes Annual Report

In February 2021 Omnes officially became an IPA marking the beginning of an exciting year of learning and growth. We set out with the goal of creating an IPA that provides invaluable support to your organization through workforce extension, quality improvement activities, and information gathering.

Omnes IPA Awarded Pay-for-Performance Funding from New York State

On April 21, 2022, Omnes Independent Practice Association (IPA) was awarded additional funding from the state of New York to continue developing a clinically integrated network for behavioral health providers. The award totaled $988,357 and is tied to improving quality measures selected by the state. The funding is part of New York State’s approved spending plan…

CNY BHCC is All in for Better Health with Formation of Omnes IPA

(Syracuse, NY) Central New York Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (CNY BHCC) is pleased to announce the formation of Omnes IPA (Independent Practice Association). Omnes IPA is the next chapter for CNY BHCC and represents an exciting opportunity to further our work as a clinically integrated network and improve health outcomes for individuals with mental health…

CNY BHCC Expands Access to Evidence-Based Treatment in CNY to Prevent Suicide & Improve Health Outcomes

Central New York Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (CNY BHCC)/Omnes IPA is expanding access to evidence-based treatment throughout CNY by sponsoring two trainings in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). DBT is effective in reducing suicidal behaviors and treating those with borderline personality disorders, substance use disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health conditions. By sponsoring the…

CNY Receives $1.8 million to Form Network to Respond to Opioid & Stimulant Use Crisis

Syracuse, New York—The New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) has awarded a network of 10 prevention, treatment, and recovery providers in the Central Region with more than $1.8 million to respond to the opioid and stimulant use crisis. The award is funded through State Opioid Response (SOR), federal funding designed to assist states in responding to the crisis surrounding opioid and stimulant use.

CNY Behavioral Health Care Collaborative Hires Katie Weldon as Director

Syracuse, NY― Helio Health, who has been awarded $2,418,000 over three years to fund the work of a group of five entities coming together to form a Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (BHCC) IPA, has hired Katie Weldon as Director.

Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare Awarded as Lead Agency of CNY Behavioral Health Care Collaboartive

Syracuse, NY―Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare has been awarded $2,418,000 over three years to fund the work of a group of five entities coming together to form a Behavioral Healthcare Care Collaborative (BHCC) IPA.

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